Thursday, July 31, 2008


I, too, have similar memories of Dave. Regardless of what obstacle was in front of Dave, he attacked it with a smile. His laugh echoing down the halls of Greenlawn Hall will be missed. I've included 3 of my favorite pictures of Dave from RAGBRAI 07. The first of Dave's "camera" he brought for the trip. On the way to the start of the the ride, we stopped and he bought a nice little digital camera and took a ton of great pictures. The second is Dave at his best. after a hard ride, enjoying a frosty beverage. Of course this was home-made root beer, but he talked about how good it was for the rest of the ride. The final picture is of Dave as he pulled to the finish of RAGBRAI 07.

I felt a loss by not riding in RAGBRAI 08, and now that sense of loss is much deeper. A dear friend is gone and I have lost my chance to ride with him. I cherish the memories of those rides, with him and each of you.

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Linda said...

We are at a loss with the passing away of Dave. He was a great person. Linda & Larry