Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bike Rides in Indiana

The Bike Rides in Indiana web site is a great place to find details on events you might want to attend.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Logest ride so far

Today was my first over-40 ride of the year. It was a beautiful cool afternoon, so I headed to Potato Creek - exactly 15 miles from my house. After I got there I rode the 4 miles of bike trail in the park and headed back. Unfortunately, the wind had changed, so half the way back I pedaled into a headwind. All in all it was a great ride, though.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kal-Haven Trail Blazer May 12

Ride 25, 40, 75 or 100-miles. The brochure is a little unclear, but if you plan to ride on the trail (not paved roads), I think you can start in South Haven or Kalamazoo. You can register for $15 until May 4 ($20 afterward). Click this post's title for a brochure, click the image to for the trail web site. I'm going and I PLAN to ride 75 miles, based in South Haven.

Back on the road again

It felt really go to get back on the bike after three weeks, due to weather and traveling. I put in 25 miles on Sunday and it was just a gorgeous day. So far, I have been able to bike to work two days out of two. Not sure about tomorrow.


What are the odds that we get in?

And so it begins

Hi Everyone,

The weekend of May 4th, is the Northern Indiana Fat & Skinny Tire Festival in Lake Winona Indiana. Some of our team will be participating in the Mountain Bike Race on Saturday, and some of us slackers will just be doing the pre-ride on Friday night. The festival is a lot of fun, and I thought I’d let you all know about it.

The other part of that weekend is a Team Velodox dinner for any of you that can make it on Friday night. Mark. Malaby will be in town from Muncie, and Stevel Wellinski will be in from IL. Bruce and I were thinking it might be fun to all get together for dinner somewhere. Maybe Politos (Lots of Pasta for the racers).

As an FYI, May 1st is a BIG day. We will know if we are going to RAGBRAI or not on that day. So keep your fingers crossed. There is an 8,500 rider limit for week-long riders. So the lottery results will be announced on May 1.

Assuming we get in, this blog can be used to keep a record and keep in touch through the spring and summer, and while we ride across Iowa. This year we will have a SAG vehicle for the Team, and that will allow us to have a laptop, etc. There are wireless hotspots in most of the host towns, so we can put info up for our families/friends to see.

Hopefully some of you will be able to make it to dinner on May 4 and meet the rest of Team Velodox!

Happy Riding